The Great Hotel Escape

September 2019

Episode 11

4.0 0 x
Steph and Dom visit Jake in Yorkshire, where Dom helps remove a tree trunk from the front lawn. In Wales, Jane spares no expense preparing her honeymoon suite.

Episode 16

4.0 2 x
Steph and Dom help James and Zoe with their historic hotel. In Scotland Doug and Sarah prepare for a wedding. And in Cumbria, Yvonne and Fernando gear up for a fully booked weekend.

Episode 10

3.0 5 x
Steph drops by with an entourage to surprise Freya. In Wales, Jane is expecting her first guests, but does she have enough beds? And in Hampshire, it's the restaurant's grand launch.

Episode 15

4.5 5 x
Steph and Dom lend a hand as Jake's hotel is finally being relaunched in Yorkshire. In Wales, Francesca is a finalist in a competition that means everything to her.

Episode 9

3.0 0 x
Dom gets taken for a ride at 500 feet in Wales. In Hampshire, chef Greg runs a professional kitchen for the first time. And Raj wants to know why his hotel came away from an awards night empty-handed.

Episode 14

4.0 0 x
In Yorkshire, former architect Jake and his hotel manager Paul are on a mission to source the best produce to serve at their garden party

Episode 8

4.0 1 x
Dom rolls up his sleeves to help decorate a Victorian manor. Unlikely lads Andy and Greg embark on an ambitious scheme to open a hotel and restaurant. Jane hosts her first event.

Episode 13

3.0 1 x
Dom visits James and Fjona in the West Midlands, but with just a few weeks left until a VIP client checks into their newly renovated bedrooms, the project is way behind schedule

Episode 7

3.0 5 x
Steph and Dom head to Scotland to help Stef and Simon get their castle B&B ready for guests; Freya and Raj are hosting a launch party. And in north Wales, Jane receives terrible news.

Episode 12

3.0 13 x
Steph and Dom head to Wales, where Jane is trying to restore the fortunes of her manor hotel. In Yorkshire, Jake juggles renovation plans with running a fully booked hotel.
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