The Hoarder Next Door

April 2016

Ursula and Nigel

3.0 53 x
In Lancashire, 54-year-old Ursula is desperate to tackle her compulsive shopping habit. While in Rugby, bachelor Nigel has let his love of car parts take over his home.

Tina and Liz

3.0 40 x
In London, Tina tackles the hoard of family memorabilia that has gathered in her childhood home. In Scotland, mum of two Liz is clashing with her family about her vast mountain of possessions.

Sarah and Roddy

3.0 24 x
Single mum Sarah from Dorset reveals how the two bedroom flat she shares with teenage son Ally is being taken over by her vast hoard of knick-knacks and clutter

Alison and Jo

3.0 26 x
Help is at hand for a woman with a £40,000 hoard of ladybird clothes and ornaments, and a teacher whose house is crammed with textbooks, toys and magazines
December 2015

Christmas Special

3.0 34 x
Pauline is a huge fan of Christmas and boasts a vast collection of Christmas decorations, out-of-date food and Christmas trees. But she's determined to celebrate at home...
April 2015

Alex and Lawrence

4.0 21 x
Professional declutterers Alison and Zoe and therapist Stelios Kiosses help Alex address his memorabilia mountain

Michelle and Carl

3.0 45 x
Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses and de-clutterers Zoe and Allyson help hoarders clear the clutter. This week they visit Michelle and Andrew's animal rescue home in Kent and Carl and Gemma.
March 2015

Graham and Theodora

3.0 23 x
In Milton Keynes, divorcee Graham's love of a bargain means that his home is overflowing with clutter. The same is true for Theodora in rural Lincolnshire. Can therapist Stelios help?

David and Paul

3.0 23 x
In Bury St Edmunds, David's passion for music and buying records has spiralled into a compulsion to hoard anything that takes his fancy. And de-clutterers Allyson and Zoe meet Paul in Essex.
February 2015

Margaret and Claire

3.5 30 x
Can therapist Stelios Kiosses help Margaret, a devoted mum, who is living in chaos? And the show meets 'Disney Claire' whose collection of 30,000 Disney figures are overrunning her home.