The Mind Of Herbert Clunkerdunk

August 2019

Series 1: 4. Headshots

4.0 20 x
Herbert spends too long in the bath playing with himself. And rides his bike so quickly he ends up with flies in his teeth. This is the last episode. I doubt you’ll be seeing anymore. We are so tired.

Series 1: 3. ADR

4.0 9 x
Herbert has an important ADR session. Do you know what ADR stands for? Don’t worry if not. Herbert spends a good couple of minutes explaining it, and this episode is only ten minutes long.

Series 1: 2. Self Tape

3.0 12 x
Herbert gets the chance of a lifetime - being in a musical in Birmingham - and has to tape his audition and send it off. Have you ever heard a man doing an impression of a computer?

Series 1: 1. Jingles

4.5 18 x
Dog poo features pretty heavily in this episode. Herbert's shoes watch him wallop their mate against a wall. Jonny Wallop does an impression of his dog.