The New Normal

June 2013

Series 1 Episode 22

3.0 30 x
Bryan and David's wedding day arrives, but the duo find that their carefully planned nuptials are thrown off course by the…

Series 1 Episode 21

3.0 17 x
Bryan and David are busy planning their wedding but find it difficult to compromise on the details, including whether or not to…

Series 1 Episode 20

3.0 28 x
David goes hiking with a friend and his young son, and is overjoyed to be invited along on their Boy Scouts camping trip.
May 2013

Series 1 Episode 19

3.0 14 x
David urges Bryan to take a more active role in the birth of their child rather than just relying on the fact that his partner is…

Series 1 Episode 18

3.0 21 x
As the family prepares for Halloween, Bryan is excited to be planning everyone's costumes and has decided that the theme should…

Series 1 Episode 17

3.0 18 x
Shania, Goldie and Rocky are desperate to throw a baby shower for Bryan and David. The guys are against the idea, but give in…

Series 1 Episode 16

3.0 20 x
Bryan and David are alarmed when their puppy falls ill and is rushed to the vet. They realise they will be even more anxious in…

Series 1 Episode 15

3.0 15 x
After seeing their friend Megan breastfeeding her baby, Bryan and David worry that their child will miss out on all the benefits…
April 2013

Series 1 Episode 14

3.0 23 x
Bryan and David have different opinions about the best outfit to choose for their son's birth announcement.

Series 1 Episode 13

3.0 14 x
Bryan and David try to hire a nanny for their unborn child, but their standards are impossibly high.
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