The Tube


An Underground History

Expired 3.0 9 x
In 2013 London Underground is 150 years old. The world's first underground railway is spending its anniversary year celebrating its own history. They're sending a steam train back underground, and there's a Royal visit to prepare for. On the tube, history is everywhere - it's down every tunnel, in every tunnel, in every si...
Episodes 2013

July 23, 2013

3.0 25 x
Documentary revealing the tube's hidden history as it celebrates being 150 years old.
Episodes 2012

Episode 6

3.0 25 x
Following the workers who descend on the Tube each night to maintain, repair and clean it.(R)

Episode 5

3.0 28 x
The Tube's most unusual employee, a hawk called Toyah, is put to work on pigeon patrol.(R)

Episode 4

3.0 81 x
Upgrading the tube is not easy, with both new trains and new signals causing problems.(R)
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