August 2020

Series 1: 57. The Big Picture

3.0 3 x
A young artist on the way up needs help to reach the top... of the wall he is painting.

Series 1: 56. Mailed It

4.0 1 x
Janie the Postal Delivery Po needs a quicker way to get through her delivery round.

Series 1: 55. Truck Wallop

4.0 2 x
The Delivery Po returns but then has an accident, causing a problem that she wants to put right herself.

Series 1: 54. Tulip Tool Up

4.0 1 x
Team Tinpo help a flower grower in need of some flower picking power.

Series 1: 53. Hill Stop

3.0 1 x
When a Po can’t drive his little car over a big hill, the team downsize the problem.
January 2020

Series 1: 37. Wet Paint

4.0 15 x
It's about to rain, the newly painted Vehi-Tools are outside and the floor of the garage is too wet to walk on... what to do?

Series 1: 36. Leaning Tower of Tinpotown

4.0 15 x
A building just doesn’t want to stand up straight and the Po can’t live with slanting floors.

Series 1: 35. How I Roll

4.0 3 x
Delivery Po needs to deliver her delicate cargo, however the road is anything but smooth.

Series 1: 34. Grow With the Flow

4.0 12 x
When some flowers pop up near Tinpo HQ, there are too many for Logi-Po to water!
November 2019

Series 1: 78. Pipe Down!

4.0 8 x
Jo's dad can't fit his truck through a tunnel. Can Team Tinpo help?
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