Toughest Place to be a...


Series 4: 2. Farmer

4.0 10 x
Dairy farmer Richard Gibson swaps the damp surroundings of Devon to live and work with Samburu tribesmen in the parched and desolate mountains of northern Kenya.
Episodes 2013

3. Firefighter

3.0 76 x
Neil Fairhall visits the Amazon to fight some of the biggest forest fires in the world.

2. Farmer

3.0 55 x
Dairy farmer Richard Gibson travels to Kenya to live and work with Samburu tribesmen.

1. Taxi Driver

3.0 87 x
London cabbie Mason McQueen heads to Mumbai to test his driving skills.

3. Binman

3.0 96 x
Wilbur Ramirez revisits Jakarta to see if he can improve the lives of the city's binmen.

1. Bus Driver

3.0 50 x
London bus driver Josh returns to the chaotic streets of Manila in the Phillipines.

2. Fisherman

3.0 32 x
Andy Giles returns to the fishing community in Sierra Leone whose survival was threatened.
Episodes 2012

3. Nurse

3.0 29 x
A nurse from Preston travels to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - the centre of a violent drug war.(R)
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