Victoria Derbyshire

July 2019


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The surgeons in Syria using ground-breaking research to help kids who have been injured by bombs. In the UK, councils say they need more monitoring of children who are home schooled.


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Victoria meets Rose Brown - who was robbed of the power of speech after an accident – and has now been given the chance to choose her own bespoke voice.


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Reaction from fans and former players to England’s astonishing win in the Cricket World Cup.


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Joanna Gosling hears from Gail Hadfield-Grainger. Her partner Anthony was shot dead while unarmed, after ‘catastrophic’ failings by police.


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Victoria Derbyshire hosts a special programme with an audience of Labour supporters and some MPs on what next for the Labour Party.


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The Royal College of Midwives tells the programme that the NHS should stop charging overseas visitors for treatment.


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Original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news.


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In a special programme on eating disorders, Victoria is in Halifax with exclusive access to the West Yorkshire & Harrogate Adult Eating Disorder Service.


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Joanna Gosling speaks to a boy who’s been reunited with his kidnapped dog six years after she went missing. And protests over schools closing at lunchtimes on Fridays.


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Joanna Gosling hears from the father of Max, an eight-year-old boy who suffers from a rare fatal illness and can’t get the treatment he needs. And should mobiles be banned at work?
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