Wonders of the Universe


June 27, 2016

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In the last episode of Professor Brian Cox's epic journey across the universe, he travels from the fossils of the Burgess Shale to the sands of the oldest desert in the world to show how light holds the key to our understanding of the whole universe...


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Professor Brian Cox concludes his epic journey through space. He reveals how the properties of light offer a unique insight into the history and evolution of our universe.


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In the third episode of his groundbreaking series, Prof Brian Cox unravels the mysteries of gravity - a force that holds the key to some of the universe's greatest riddles.


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In the second part of his epic exploration of the universe, Professor Brian Cox strives to answer the biggest questions of all: what are we and where do we come from?


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Professor Brian Cox makes sense of the universe in his awe-inspiring series. Here, he seeks to understand the role of time in creating both the universe and ourselves.
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