Celebrity Coach Trip

October 2019

Series 2 Episode 1 Pisa

3.0 0 x
In Pisa, on Day 1, the party try some jet surfing and clay modelling

Series 2 Episode 10 The Finale

4.0 2 x
The party is on the French Riviera for the last day. As Brendan's budget-blowing activities get mixed reviews, the winners are crowned at a teary final vote.

Series 2 Episode 9 Cannes

3.0 5 x
In glamorous Cannes, a couple of Real Housewives give the party a diva twist, the celebs go busking after a mime class, and there's drama at the vote

Series 2 Episode 8 Nice

3.0 4 x
The celebrities arrive in France, bolstered by a So Solid addition to the crew. In Nice, an afternoon's flyboarding brings in the crowds.

Series 2 Episode 7 San Remo

3.0 4 x
The group's scheming for survival goes into overdrive. And a late appearance at breakfast makes Brendan see red.

Series 2 Episode 6 Albenga, Italy

3.0 6 x
It's smiles all round as some special new arrivals join the party. But Brendan has 'equipment' issues while rock climbing.

Series 2 Episode 5 Savona, Italy

3.0 5 x
Some animal yoga gets Vicky's goat and a kayak game descends into predictable chaos

Series 2 Episode 4 Genoa

4.0 0 x
The VIPs struggle at a farming workshop in Genoa. Everyone gets vocal in an opera singing class. But the evening vote leaves one of them speechless.

Series 2 Episode 3 Sestri Levante, Italy

3.0 2 x
Day 3 finds the merry celebrity band doing some paddle board boxing and a cooking class with an amorous chef

Series 2 Episode 2 Mass, Italy

3.0 4 x
The tour party head to Massa for a gymnastics class, paintball, and a fractious vote
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