Ever Decreasing Circles

Series 1

Series 1, Episode 4 - Holiday Plans

4.0 1 x
Suburban sitcom. It's time for members of the Close to go on a holiday outing. Some wish to repeat a trip to the Alps, but Paul has something different in mind.

Series 1, Episode 3 - A Strange Woman

4.0 3 x
Sitcom about domestic disharmony in suburbia. Martin is outraged by Paul's eccentric behaviour on the close, and horrified when he takes a peek into his garden.

Series 1, Episode 2 - Taking Over

3.0 5 x
Suburban strife sitcom. Martin is ousted as chairman of the residents' association, and Ann's hopes for a renewed social life are dashed.

Series 1, Episode 1 - The New Neighbour

3.0 5 x
Sitcom of suburban strife. Martin is a pillar of the community, but the equilibrium of his world is disrupted when a suave new next-door neighbour moves in.